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100% Grass-Fed

Warson's beautiful pedigree Angus herd is raised the way nature intended; grazing on grass. But why does this matter for us? Grass-fed beef is scientifically proven to help restore the Omega 3:Omega 6 balance in our diet down to 1:4 rather than the UK's current average of 1:15, which in turn regulates the fluids balance of every cell in our bodies. Our Pasture for Life certification guarantees only the healthiest beef reaches your plate.

100% Sustainable

One of the reasons we're so proud to be entirely grass-fed is that this diet, coupled with a regenerative grazing regime provides an alternative to today’s carbon emissions footprint that come from grain-fed diets. This means the Warson herd is actually helping store more carbon than it emits. Not convinced? Click here to find out more.

100% Traceable

More than ever before, we're beginning to realise the importance of being able to trace our food from farm to fork; enabling us to make healthier decisions both for our diet and for the environment. Every piece of Warson Beef comes with a label you can scan to find out exactly how the animal was reared.

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