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Pre-orders have already been dispatched, but there are still boxes available. 

There are three options to choose from:
The Family Box - our usual balanced box
The Premium Box - as above, but with more steaks, burgers & Mince.
The BBQ Box - Packed with steaks, burgers and short ribs.

We have used the Good Beef Index scoring and IMF scanning to identify a prime animal and we are very excited to be able to supply our beef directly to you again, and with even more options for you to choose from this time.

What's the beef....?
Our beef is authenticated on the Good Beef Index, it is scored in 3 areas of quality, Eating, Production & Environment. The QR code on the packing will take you directly to the information for the animal, it's 'Genetic Hoofprint', it's 'Marbling Meater' & it's 'Carbon Hoofprint', alongside various authentication documents and more information about its score and grade.
These animals have been pasture fed their whole lives, reared naturally with their mothers for as long as possible (around 9 months) and then moving on to a diet of grass from our herbal leys and later on to grass & whole crop silage (a mixture of peas, barley & vetch)
This diet produces highly nutritious beef, with the right balance of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fats, so key to human health.
These animals are of Elite health status (via Biobest & PCHS) and fully Pedigree Aberdeen-Angus.
This beef is not only Prime quality but also highly sustainable, scientific evid
ence shows us
that animals reared this way sequester far more Carbon than they
emit, 2.6 tonnes across their lifetime!

You can view this animal here

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