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Approx 6.5kg of Prime Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Pasture fed beef, bred and reared naturally at Warson.


The Warson Family Box

  • The contents will be approx 6.5kg of prime grass-fed pedigree Aberdeen-Angus beef:

    - Prime Steaks (eg. 1 Fillet, 2 Sirloin, 1 Ribeye & 1 Rump/Bavette)

    - 1.5kg Roasting Joint (such as Topside)

    - 1.5kg Slow Roast Joint (such as Silverside or Brisket)

    - 1.0kg of Diced Braising Steak/Shin in 500g packs

    - 1.0kg of Minced Beef 

    - 1 x 4 pack of 6oz burgers

    (a burger mix has been added to the burgers by the butcher, full allergen information is provided on the label)

  • You can find out everything about this animal here on the GoodBeef Index


    This animal will have been 100% grassfed and naturally reared.

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