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Approx 5.7 kg of Prime Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Pasture fed beef, bred and reared naturally at Warson.


The hot weather is fast approaching and this box is packed full of prime steaks, discovery steaks, burgers & short ribs, all perfect for the BBQ.


We only have a very limited number of this box available.


The Warson BBQ Box

  • The contents will be approx 5.7kg of prime grass-fed pedigree Aberdeen-Angus beef:

    - 2 x Sirloin Steaks

    - 1 x Ribeye Steak

    - 1 x Rump Steak

    - 1 x Bavette Steak

    - 2 x Flat Iton Steaks

    - 3 x 2 pack of Denver Steaks (cut as minute steaks)

    - 3 x 4 pack of 6oz beef burgers (12 in total)

    - 2 x Short Ribs (Approx 600g each)

    (a burger mix has been added to the burgers by the butcher, full allergen information is provided on the label)


  • You can find out everything about this animal here on the GoodBeef Index


    This animal will have been 100% grassfed and naturally reared.

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