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The 'New Cuts on the block'

We always seek to provide the best beef to our customers, this month we decided that we would try out some new (to us) steak cuts.

The research machine kicked into action and we discovered that there are some wonderful lesser known (to consumers) muscles within the Flank (lower chest) and the Chuck (shoulder). Most of these cuts will not be found in the supermarket, or if they are they'd be hiding under a 'helpful' name like 'Frying Steak' or worse, lost within 'Diced Beef'.

We believe that the consumer deserves to know what cut of the animal they are eating!

The steaks we have available (alongside Fillet, Ribeye, Sirloin & Rump) are:

Flat Iron - Tender, well marbled and flavourful, taken from the feather muscle.

Bullet - Full flavoured, very lean, tight grain, taken from the thick flank, next to the rump.

Denver - Great marbling and rich in flavour, taken from the shoulder.

Chuck Eye - Similar to Ribeye, this comes from the 5th rib next to the Ribeye (6th to 12th).

Bavette - Highly flavoured, loose cut, taken from the flank, just under the sirloin.

Pave - Extremely tender, taken from the thick flank, next to the topside.

Hanger - One of the most flavourful cuts, taken from the upper belly next to the Brisket.

Ranch - Lean and versatile, taken from the topside.

Years of scientific study and innovation have gone into the discovery of these cuts, made possible by the USA. Since 1985, US law requires that a dollar from every animal sold goes straight back into the beef industry, funding huge amounts of research. In 2000, scientists from the University of Nebraska & Florida tested 5,600 muscles and found 39 worth further study. By 2002 they had discovered the 'Flat Iron' steak among others, requiring some precision butchery skill, they produced a flavourful cut that could hold its own with more established cuts, and at a cheaper price point. It wasn't until 2007 that it was introduced to the world and has been growing in popularity ever since. They also found the Denver Cut in the chuck, which went public in 2009, it comes from the 'most heavily marbled muscle in the entire body', well worth a read of the article in 'Westword' which hails from the city the cut is named after, and gives the full story of its discovery.

The stories of these steaks really inspired us, and lead to the development of our 'Discovery Steak Box'. Anyone ordering any one of our beef boxes can request something specific, but if you want to try a good variety of these steaks, you could order a 'Discovery Steak Box' or when ordering anything else, pop us a message with your request, always happy to oblige.

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